NYC Bike Share Program Coming in July 2012

New York City is notorious for its extreme traffic conditions, and New Yorkers are forced to deal with them on a daily basis. Even a two mile trip to the office can be met with excessive traffic jams, blaring horns, and aggressive drivers. Sure, you could walk, but that would take a lot longer and leave less time for more important things. Fortunately, a new alternative is coming in July; bike sharing through CitiBike program.

NYC Bike Share App for iPhone and iPad

CitiBike is a new kind of public transportation system designed to relieve the stress of traffic throughout New York City. To accomplish this, 10,000 bikes will be placed at over 600 stations located in Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn (hopefully we’ll see some in Staten Island and the Bronx soon). The locations were selected based on areas that have a greater population than existing transportation infrastructure can handle. They are designed to provide transportation to locations that are too far to walk but too crowded for driving.

CitiBike seeks to achieve many goals with this NYC bike-sharing program. By encouraging the use of bicycles, they hope to relieve some of the vehicle traffic throughout New York City. Less cars also means lower pollution levels, another problem that has elevated allergies and illness in the city. And, of course, they want to provide residents and visitors alike with a viable alternative to the congested transportation options already used in the city.

The CitiBike bike sharing program is modeled after many other similar successes around the country. Bike rental programs in San Francisco, for example, have spent decades keeping traffic smoother while providing visitors with easier access to tourist spots. And the implementation of Bike Sharing strategies at various universities throughout Atlanta has helped relieve traffic both on and off campus. Throughout the world, Bike Share programs are frequently utilized to help alleviate traffic while also providing visitors and residents alike with a more enjoyable experience.

Bike Share Dock

By utilizing CitiBike’s bike share program for short trips, members will realize many benefits over using a car or walking. Cars burn fuel, and with gas prices so high, we’re all searching for new ways to save more money. Cars are also subject to wear over time, especially in the extreme NYC traffic conditions. With bikes, you are also getting more exercise than you would driving, yet still reach your destination much faster than you would on foot.

Different CitiBike membership and rental plans are available at varying price and usage levels. Tourists seeking a weekend getaway may prefer the $9.95 24-hour pass, while a $25 7-day pass is best for extended vacations. Residents and frequent visitors to New York City may prefer the CitiBike annual membership, which is available for only $95. That’s less than some NYC car rental companies charge for a single day! If a bike is kept longer than the set time for each membership (45 minutes for annual, 30 minutes for all others), additional fees will be charged and start between $2.50 and $4, depending upon the membership plan. Short-term plans can be purchased at all CitiBike locations, while annual memberships are only available online.

NYC Bike Share App for iPhone and iPad

More information on the NYC Bike Sharing Program can be found on the NYC Bike Share Website and the CitiBikeNYC website.