NYC Subway Countdown Clocks

Countdown Clock on NYC SubwayIn the digital era, we shouldn’t still be peering down the subway tunnel to find out if the train is about to arrive; especially in a modern city like New York which is among the premier metropolitan locations in the world. As a matter of fact it was not until January 2007 when the first countdown clocks were installed on a few lines in Canarise Bronx and Manhattan to inform commuters on the arrival of specific trains. These countdown clocks are being set up in more stations across the city with the aim of having all stations equipped with these timers.

The information displayed on countdown clocks is gathered from the New York City Transit Rail Control Center and is thereafter relayed to commuters via a PA/CIS system which includes audio alerts along with synchronized graphical data. The need to have quality real-time Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) information has long been recognized as a pressing need and any efforts to satisfy this need go a long way in easing the stresses of train commuters.

Without adequate information we are basically in the dark and this has been the scenario for numerous train users who previously had no way of monitoring train schedules. The benefits that accrue from the development of the countdown clock system are numerous and include the efficient provision of train positions using a countdown system. This enables Instant reporting with regard to service delays and other emergency information as well as the ability to help commuters easily distinguish between ‘Express’ and ‘local’ trains. In addition to this, commuters will not have to constantly peer down subway platforms to check for train headlights; which is actually a major safety risk.

The installation of countdown clocks in train stations has so far been a success and many commuters have hailed the action by authorities as a valuable addition to train stations. At times the countdown clocks may be offline due to unexpected hitches but the MTA constantly monitors its systems to ensure that the public stays well informed at all times.